What do you expect from the 10th anniversary of Litecoin?

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According to @coblee, Oct 13. 3am GMT will be the 5th anniversary of Litecoin. What do you guys expect? Hardware wallets? T shirts? Litecoin 0.13? Or something else? Tell us what you want.

What do you expect from Litecoin 10th anniversary?

Also, @coblee is genesis block date “Sat, 08 Oct 2011 06:29:19 UTC” the correct one?

I think it is, but as far as I know, at first the chain was not mined publicly, Charlie checked with the first few blocks if everything works correctly. Then he published the missing piece to allow anyone to mine.

There is one thing that I would appreciate a lot if it happened: funding for business of the real economy.

Cryptocurrencies, to this day, are still mostly a speculative investment, barely distinguishable from gambling. The reason that is so hard to evaluate them is because of their lack of anchor to real goods and services.

I’m trying to provide the goods and services that would give purchasing power to cryptocurrencies, but nobody in this space seems interested in doing business. The failure of the dollar is not enough for the success of the cryptocurrencies. Once the dollar throne is empty, anything could take its place, including more established players like gold. Or maybe nothing will take its place, and we’ll have a myriad of new moneys in circulation that will live with each other through exchange rates.

Am I the only one disappointed with the environment around cryptocurrencies? If we are to use cryptocurrencies just to convert them back to fiat, doesn’t that defeat its purpose?