What can you tell me about www.instant-e.com?

Hi - I bought some Litecoin and put them in instant-e.com. Since then I’ve tried to withdraw some Litecoin but I keep getting ‘processing’. If someone can help me I’m prepared to offer a reward.

never ever ever ever a good idea to “store” coin online…download a core wallet and store them in that on your own pc with a backup…then there is no risk of trusting others with your money…litecoin.org


I have an address if you can help me. Perhaps I didn’t pay enough (this is when I was just beginning in crypto):


As I said, I’m willing to pay a reward.

There are more coins but this is a good start.

If you can help me recover all my coins, I’m willing to reward with 5 Litecoin.

Thank you


there are 13.681 LTC in that address…however you need the private key in order to import it to another wallet…always best to use the "recommended fee " of .002LTC to send…otherwise it takes a really long time if the block your transaction is in doe4snt get found for a while because the fee isn’t high enough and a lot of miners exclude low fee transactions so they can “find blocks faster”…
where did you get this address from…is it in an older core wallet? or online wallet?



is one of the addresses in a wallet.

There is 0 LTC showing in that wallet address.

I do have the Private Key to the above address.

Thank you

just make sure you have a private key and not just a passphrase
okay…there are coins in this address LXmxcrRMrgCCmpqzqZdbHkCS4LULTg15di
so you need to open your core wallet…make sure it is fully synced up and then click the help tab then click console…
now type help
now you should see importaddress with a description of what that function does beside it…
importaddress LXmxcrRMrgCCmpqzqZdbHkCS4LULTg15di (private key) (passphrase)

hopefully you don’t need to reindex and rescan after you do this but this will import your address using your private key which is also how to sweep a paper wallet as well for future reference…lemme know if you have any more issues

Thanks for this info.

As soon as I can get my head around all the crypto talk/language, I’ll try having a go at what you’ve told me to do.

Thanks again.

And I’ll stick to my offer…

Hi bakd247,

I’ve been out of action for some time but I’m almost back on deck again.

Unfortunately, I don’t understand all the crypto language so not sure where to go to from here.

But thank you for your help

Paul Cairns