Want to buy litecoin with PayPal

looking to buy $300 worth of litecoin using my PayPal. not sure if your allowed to post this on this site. please let me know.

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So you send someone 300 bucks via paypal and you get the litecoin after 45 days when you can no longer dispute the
sale? only way that would work…not saying you do this but this is a well known scam…pay with paypal say you did
not get and blamo stuck…paypal as far as I’m aware does NOT cover virtual stuff losses like crypto and game keys etc

just use your paypal credit card option and get it thru coinbase etc

problem solved (unless you were looking for free paypal trick litecoin which I think is also probably more ‘attractive’ to)

bad coin, bad coin …whatcha gonna do if they paypal you (groan …that was awful) :frowning:

No I wouldn’t do that. I was looking for a faster way to buy Ltc from PayPal not a slower way.This is what I had in mind.

The deal would be done in 3 transactions.

  1. I send $100 to them as friend. They send me 25 LTC immediately.
  2. I send $100 to them as friend. They send me 25 LTC immediately.
  3. They send 25 LTC to me. I send $100 to them as friend.

I know trust is needed on both side of this type of transaction.

Heh. Don’t understand what you mean by slow. Your way is too easy to do 3 transactions say. Build trust and amount and walk off with the fourth :open_mouth:

PayPal just use your cc option thru exchange. If not your likely out of luck no one would trust a paypal process with 45 days to yell fraud and return with PayPal not covering virtual goods to boot

Are you only interested into PayPal? Or is Amazon good enough?

I personally got scammed, I would never ever sell any cryptocurrency through paypal. never. I paid very well for the lesson.

you can buy Litecoin on Coinbase.com using paypal as long as its a verified paypal account…I do it all the time…