Wallet Encryption Help

So I have forgotten my wallet passphrase and have been trying for weeks to get it back…

Is there any way I can see when I encrypted my wallet? I am unsure whether I did it a few years ago or if it was done more recently…knowing this might help me remember the password…

Would really be handy if there was a way to at least know the length of the passphrase i used…or something like "your password is X******************T

Any advice please?

you can recover your passphrase using software such as hashcat…I offer a passphrase cracking service my self and charge by the hour for running my video card…usually get results in under a day…lookup hashcat and if you don’t want to do it your self I will be glad to for a fee

Thanks for your response… I’ve had a go with some brute force software packages using what i thought the password was… Beginning to doubt i even remember anything… Is hashcat the same? Does it require you to remember some of your password?

hashcat does not require any “partial password” for brute force…actually…if you are using part of a password…that is not brute force…brute force tries every option…you are technically using combination as some call it
in your situation you’d have better luck using hashcat and a dictionary attack since you know some of the password…hashcat will try both upper and lower case as well as numbers and symbols too if you want…it does what ever you tell it to do and in my opinion is one of the best pieces of hashing software out there

Is there any way to reveal what date the wallet was encrypted? Im wondering if that might help me remember the password??

your debug file should have that information…ill take a lot of scrolling

it doesnt go far back…only a couple of days info in it…??

try changing your folder options to show dates and times modified and it might give you the initial install date which might be around the day your encrypted it maybe? I’m pretty sure that if you type the address in blockcypher.com it will show all activity under “metadata”…just click advanced details and then it should be under API call

cant see anything in there about encryption dates…but something weird…

It shows a balance different to my litecoin core application by about half…

my application says balance is 12.5032 LTC

but when I serach my address on blockcypher it says balance is 6.4021…when i look deeper it shows there was a transaction that is not in my litecoin core application…

Whats going on there?

edit…i think i worked it out…its in a change address

you got it…keep in mind something I just learned the hard way…I had a version 13.2 wallet and a version 12.1.2 wallet…both segwit updates…however the change address from 12.2.1 never showed up in my 13.1 wallet at all…so there seems to be a change address fix in the newest core wallet version…so if your missing any old coins and it is change then its because the change address needs to be imported…
since the backup already contains the private key it should import it as normal and not a watch only…

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So, did you guess your passphrase?


Not yet mate, working on it!!

OMG!!! I found it!! It was stored in an old txt file on an old HDD…I skipped past it several times thinking “Its not in there”

SO HAPPY…Thanks for your help bakd247