Wallet encrypted and locked


Wallet locked and encrypted do not know passphrase help!!!


What do I do I’m new to litecoin


if you forgot your passphrase there is a very very slim chance you will ever see your coins again…
do you have any clue at all of what the password might be?
if so then it can be hacked…
if you know it is under 10 characters for absolute certain…then it can be hacked within this lifetime
let me know…
I offer hacking services for 20% of the wallet if cracked personally…
there is a 30% chance I can crack it if you have any idea of what it could be
also I have many posts on this forum of how to use “john the ripper” to try it for your self depending on how fast your computer is…


Is there any chance I can do anything with .dat file


yeah…that is your wallet…DO NOT LOOSE THAT FILE…you can always try and recover the keys from a corrupted file by making a copy of it…save your self a copy of that wallet.dat offline
If you interested I can diagnose the wallet for you
are you sure you are using Litecoin version 16.3 and all your security software n your pc is up to date?