Wallet.dat - not sure if BTC or LTC :-]

Hello, this is kind of crazy but I found a wallet.dat from 2014 in my backup folder but can’t say if it is BTC or LTC. I doubt there are any coins but what if? I put this file into both litecoin core and bitcoin core clients which I have installed and started them. There was “rescanning blocks” probably the whole night and next morning both clients were running and showing 0 balance. Why the heck didn’t one of them say something like incompatible wallet.dat? :o Now I really am not sure what to think about this.

You don’t need to wait until it finishes.
Find “receiving addresses” on the upper menu. Copy addresses and look for them on a blockexplorer.

Ha. In bitcoin core there is a receiving address and in litecoin core it does not show any address, so I suppose this wallet.dat was for BTC. There are no transactions though :-]

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it will work in both wallets but will only sync on the chain that the transaction ids are on so if the transacations only show in the BTC wallet then it is a bitcoin wallet.dat

So mistery solved? :slight_smile:

seems so. No money found though :-] So I wonder why did I backup that file

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