Unconfirmed Transactions and strange wallet behaviour

I have encountered a strange problem with transactions.
I’m using v0.8.7.5-beta and until then there were no problems with it.
So, from march, 28 to april, 3 I send 6 transactions:

28.03.17 01:59 - 30 LTC - 0 confirmations
28.03.17 14:22 - 10 LTC - 3648 confirmations
29.03.17 20:56 - 30 LTC - 0 confirmations
30.03.17 18:39 - 10 LTC - 2421 confirmations
01.04.17 20:59 - 10 LTC - 0 confirmations
03.04.17 19:51 - 1 LTC - 0 confirmations

I installed to my second PC actual version of Litecoin Core, It synced and showed correct LTC balance without unconfirmed transactions. But when I try to send LTC from this new version of Litecoin Core, it says that wallet password is incorrect (I use password manager programm, so it can’t be incorrect). Then I opened on first PC and send coins. It accepted my password and generated transaction (I have it ID in “details”). But there are still no confirmations.

What can be wrong here?

Just curious here. The password manager is on the first computer? And your pasting the password from the manager into version and it accepts the password? You’re then taking a copy of the wallet.dat file from the first computer and replacing the wallet.dat file on the second computer where the latest version is installed? You enter the password on the second computer and it fails. How are you transferring that password from the first computer? You’re keying it in by hand on the second computer?

It is simple: password database is on NAS in local network, and both PCs have same versions of KeePass client.

Hm, I changed wallet password on, then made a backup_wallet.dat and moved it to 2nd PC with Litecoin Core.
After that, running new Litecoin Core with key “-zapwallettxes” helped. Stuck transactions have dissapeared, and balance came to normal. New transactions works fast.

Think, this could be useful for someone else. Make a backups! Right Now, DO It!