Unconfirmed transactions 0/6

I accidentally sent some Litecoins to an exchange without unticking “send as zero-fee transaction if possible.” So after 8 hours I still have 0/6 confirmations. Is there any way of getting these coins to reappear in my wallet? I have Litecoin Core version v0.10.2.2 (64-bit). I have heard that they can float around unconfirmed for months which isn’t ideal.

pretty sure you can right click it and cancel the transaction now…otherwise you would start qt in command line with the -zapwallet flag open console and type help to see the options for this under wallet or start command prompt and cd to where you installed litecoin and type litecoin-qt.exe --help to dou8ble check this is what you want to do

Hi thanks for the advice. Much appreciated. I ended up downloading the latest wallet and right clicked abandon transaction and it worked. Thanks!

An update, the coins were returned to my wallet immediately. So I then proceeded to deposit the coins in the same exchange again (to the same address but a slightly different amount of coins).

I selected the highest fee to get it through fast and the coins were sent and I’ve checked the blockchain and the old transaction which I abandoned has not moved and the new one has not appeared. It’s only been 25 minutes but in the mean time a message has come up on my wallet: Warning: Unknown block versions being mined! It’s possible unknown rules are in effect

I thought oh well, I will just abandon the new transaction but it won’t let me do that. Seems weird. Any ideas what I should do?

All sorted now. Thanks.