Unconfirmed transaction

Hi, I gotta problem with unconfirmed transaction. Its been hanging for 2 months.
-50.00 LTC
ID of transaction: 73e8dfb1eb369635338ff10e1b8282632bdb4a6b4d9a0641cd3dd17263318440

How can I deal with it? Thanks for assistance.

Did you upgrade your wallet or are you using an ancient version?

Hi, Im using Version v0.8.5.1-beta.

try “sweeping” the transaction as if it were a paper wallet to a newly generated address…be sure to pay more to send the coins this time or you’ll be stuck right where u are…I sent .01 LTC with no transaction fee 14 months ago and it just arrived to the exchange wallet the other day

Upgrade the wallet.

Thanks for assistance.
Shyllar I just uppgraded to Litecoin Core v0.13.2.1 (64-bit). So what am I to do now?
bakd247: I do not know how to “try sweeping” the transaction.

Shyllar it worked. I see the option: “Abandon transaction” and I used it. Thank You very much.
Problem is solved

That’s great news.