Unconfirmed transaction with ledger nano s

I just transfered all my LTC balance in my ledger nano s to poloniex and even though I selected high transaction fee, the fee used must have been very small because it doesn’t seem to be confirming.


I have done some research and found out that the solution is to wait basically, also I think I can cancel the transaction but I don’t seem to be able to do it with this app (ledger wallet chrome app). Does anyone know if this is possible?

Also in the case of BTC I know there is the possibility of accelerating the transaction but I have found zero info on wether this is possible for LTC, which seems reasonable to me.

Thanks for reading!

A fee of 0.001 LTC will do it for most transaction, but this fee was 0.0002 LTC, so it will take some time.
But will most probably confirm within the next 24 hours.