Unconfirmed transaction from - beta


I am very new to LTC. Someone has sent me some LTC from an old wallet running It is showing up in my wallet as unconfirmed and has been for several days. What can I advise them to do to get my Litecoin confirmed?

Thanks in advance.

if it is showing in your wallet as unconfirmed you just need to wait until it is confirmed…keep your wallet open for a while and within about an hour as long as a mining fee was sent with the coins it will be confirmed…if no fee then it will take a very very long time.,.sometimes… months to confirm with no fee…check to make sure your sender used the recommended mining fee for the transaction

That’s great thanks.

I think they must have been sent with a low fee. As it’s been a week. So the old wallet has nothing to do with it?

Is there anything I can do to speed it up?

there is an option under console to “bumptransactionfee”…just type help in console and youll see it under wallet or raw transaction section

Can I do that for a transaction someone else sent or does it have to be done by them?

the sender is the only one who can do that