UASF - Counting the number of UASF nodes

Is there a way to count the number of UASF in Litecoin?

For bitcoin it’s​ possible to see the nodes through This looks like the github project for it: Maybe a developer could use this for Litecoin.

I am working on forking bitnodes to support Litecoin.

But for the meanwhile, this is what my litecoin seeder shows…

root@processing-litecoin:~/dnsseed/litecoin-seeder# grep -c UASF-Segwit-BIP148 dnsseed.dump
root@processing-litecoin:~/dnsseed/litecoin-seeder# grep -c 70015 dnsseed.dump

That’s 33 out of 1056 nodes with the UASF flag. 1056 nodes that are 0.13.2. Please keep in mind, most 70015 nodes aren’t active/responsive.