Trying to recover litecoin

Hi ,

Can anyone help ?

In 2017 my computer crashed and I had to restore it to previous restore point. I had some litecoin on litecoin core which seemed to disappear when I did the restore. I did however manage to find my litecoin address and have entered it into Blockcypher . I can see through Blockcypher that there is still a balance attached to the litecoin address.

Is there a way to recover this so that it shows up on my litecoin core ?

Thank you


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You need the password and the backup dat file to start

Others on here can take it from there. :slight_smile:


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Thank you Brad,

Much appreciated. I have the backup dat file and the password.

I tried to load (sync) the dat file with litecoin core , but once finished I still have 0 showing. I also now have a green litecore (testnet) wallet which appeared (not sure why ?).

How can I tell if my wallet.dat file has anything in it ?

Also , where would I enter the password , there does not seem to be any field to put it in ?



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Hi Richard,
You want to download a clean new version of litecoin core wallet, install it,sync it then
navigate to appdata roaming folder. (type %appdata% in the search field)
Then find the litecoin folder then replace the existing wallet.dat with your wallet.dat.
Then open litecoin core it should reindex then you should be good to go.
Hope this helps…

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Let us know if you have any luck. Also remember the forked coins, such as they are like Litecoin Cash on your now empty LTC wallet etc. That may also apply.

Hi I have the same issue but the directions make no sense to me

Hi Aaron

Thank you for the info. I’m getting closer - at least litecoin core is now attempting to read my old wallet. However it keeps crashing with " a fatal error" . Come to think of it I think this was the reason I had to restore my computer settings in January 2017 as my litecoin core would not load up (even after the restore I could not access my wallet). Perhaps the old wallet was corrupted or possibly I’m trying to load up a random file that I think is my old wallet :slight_smile: .

I will try again in 5 weeks when I get hold of the laptop I originally loaded the litecoin core software on .

Cheers Richard

Hi I have the same issue and I have both of the items you recommend, I am not that computer savvy at all so I hope this is easy. I have downloaded the newest version of Litecoin wallet and synced and updated the wallet.