Transferring Litecoin from Blockchain

How does one transfer Litecoin from Litecoin Blockchain Explorer to an Exodus wallet?

click receive on exodus or any other wallet and copy and paste the new receiving address you come up with in the wallet you are sending with…click send

Sorry if that came across rude at all…

But meant to say first that it works like email but you create an address to send to by clicking receive…also it is recommended to create a new address for each transaction…u do t always have to but it is good practice

do as bakd247 said… thats all.

extra question, what page or service is this? mind posting the link?

litecoin block explorer or or your can find more by searching for a litecoin block explorer in any search engine

I know, but what I wanted to know is that he mention, send from an explorer, I wanted to know what explorer have a LTC wallet service.

Those you linked, have wallet service?

oic…like for bitcoin…yeah I want to know about that too