Transaction has not taken place

Transaction has not taken place. How can I get my 1.5 ltc back?
I transferred 1,5 ltc to a broker Bter. It never arrived there, they said I have to contact the Litecoin Blockchain. Who can help me with this?
With best regards, Peter

what wallet did you use to send the coins?

“they said I have to contact the Litecoin Blockchain” this is just BS.

I used the litecoin wallet on my desktop. I can give you the transaction details.

Please post the transaction.

Also, check if the transaction have confirmations, if not cancel it,. You can right click on it and see if the cancel is clickable.

I can not right click and cancel it. There is still a question mark so no confirmation.
This are the details:
Status: 0/onbevestigd
Datum: 10/05/2017 19:21
Aan: Bter LL2qgdF5Bejd1qhL4eagNSinFFhqejRT6v
Debet: -1.50 LTC
Netto bedrag: -1.50 LTC
Transactie-ID:: e3de2d07409f75d487610ecba5bc1994487fbe7efe8d09a207442a68942a5cac

ok, on your wallet go to

1- transaction tab.
2- look for your the transaction you want to cancel.
3- right click on it.
4- click “abandon transaction”.

You should be able to do this if the transaction have 0 confirmations.

I have this message in the Home Overview:
Urgent: Alertkey compromised, upgrade required.
So probably I have to upgrade the wallet?
No “abandon transaction” is not there. I have these options:
In dutch
Kopieer adres
Kopieer Label
Kopieer Bedrag (Amount)
Kopieer transactie-ID
Bewerk label (Edit)
Toon transactie details (show)

I think you have an old wallet version.

Be careful before updating.

Backup your wallet.dat file someplace secure.

if I am not wrong this transaction should not appear after the update and sync, because it was never part of the blockchain.

if you need help doing these stuff, let me know… I may help you.

Yes I just did this back up and saw a video about the update. I will do it and we will see hopefully the transaction never occurred. So I can do the update right?

if you have a backup yes.

make another one before updating, just in case.

good luck

It worked, thank you, I could reverse the transaction!

Nice to know!..

tips here: LaotXscuABoGUTa7uTu3DhKMVfjfjV77if

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