Tip: Antminer L3+ 640MH/s stable > 36 days


here you can find a tip for 640MH/s per L3+

Some machines can handle such, some machines can’t (I have 10 bitmain units)…so flip a coin…on one side you can get the results in the thread…on the other side you can burn up the unit…

flip a coin :slight_smile: anyway IMHO …I find it best to just run them stock…no drama…

besides are you really gonna pay a guy MONEY on the flip of a coin to see if you are lucky and can

pull off this speed with your particular unit…er …the need for speed is not that great in my camp…

This is a good point.
But difficulty is going crazy and RoI in terms of LTC coins is unreachable anyway. So, if I do not do overclocking, I would never get my coins back.

Check the price of your machines in coins and see how many coins did they mine?
It was a better deal to buy coins for money that you invested in mining, right?

I guess it depends when you got the beast and your projected ROI. Most folk still in that boat (from what I understand) hope for $300 LTC to get them out of a NON ROI jam…

I could be biased…every time I think my Nov 8th 2014 KNC Titan (and the 10 other after used and
from knc liguidation) are toaster city…in a few months…the price of LTC goes up …and blamo…the evil bastards

being too evil to die mine on for another 6 months to a year

however to get them evil puppies thru this year…I probably with the march/april bitmain dump of L3+ miners need 400 buck LTC for them to creep into 2019

but again, there was ‘garlicoin’ with scrypt-n (supposed to be dead protocol) that my evil titans could run


ahem…er I mean…price pumps always seem to save their ass from oblivion…it has happened at least

and I counted…7 times since 2014 not counting garlicoin (which did a quick fork after 13 days)…

so I give up…fairly sure they will out live the ‘heat death of the universe’ now

Mining is a patience game. Careful with the overclocking. I have adjusted mine, slightly, but only up to about 520 …