Three guys walk into a bar

Three guys walk into a bar and they all ordered some coffee. When it’s time to pay, they all decided to use crypto.

  • The first one paid with bitcoin and the barman said: “oh! I see you have some bitcoins in your wallet, please spend some more here. You are welcome.”
  • The second one paid with ethereum and started complaining about tx fees and gas prices. He got pissed he was paying 3x the coffee amount just to make the transaction.
  • The third one paid with litecoin mweb, said thank you to the barman and left.

PS: I wrote this because while most people are just thinking Litecoin price action :rocket: , the true value resides on using a cryptocurrency without disclosing unwanted information to a third part while paying low fees. Price action is just a consequence. To the moon :rocket: :full_moon: Litecoin!


What if the Bitcoin guy payed on Lightning Network?
I guess that’s similarly private as MWeb, isn’t it? Did you use LN?

As I understand, you must open a channel to use the LN. So you still disclose some information.

Yes, I’d love to understand and experience what can be seen by an intelligent and educated but otherwise
everyday user (e.g. barista :slight_smile: ). As far as I see, MWeb offers slightly better privacy than LN. Not sure if people really need that higher level for e-commerce. But for on-chain transactions, the winner in this comparison is MWEB, definitely.

On MWEB, once you peg-in your coins will look the same as any other coin and can be validated without having history attached to it.

The one thing with Litecoin, you might have to pay more $LTC while you finish your coffee.

As long as governments keep printing money, LTC will do just fine for a cup of coffee.

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