Thinking of getting bitmain l3+

Guys am I too late into the game?

Micro summary: You are always too late, and later on you will wish you got in earlier.

Just remember: Mining is a queen’s race.

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your better off getting a good deal on ebay or something…the l3’s dont ship until july and sold out within the first few hours…even people who bought them are selling them on ebay for around 3000 when they were only 1650 preorder…they are the same as a A4 dominator only they use 400 watts as opposed to 1200 like the A4…id recomend checking out

they have a4’s for 1219 and 2109 right now but there prices do change with the coin price keep in mind…not sure how often though…these guys were good to me when i bought my gridseeds

they do have in stock at bitmain…

bitmain is sold out

L3+ is available and ship in july…

your right…my bad looks like they are still accepting orders…

what do you think? should i get it?

I would if I had the money…it makes 1 litecoin per day at the current difficulty so it all depends on how high it shoots up when everyone plugs in their new miners when they come in…I know I need to upgrade soon or I’ll be making next to nothing again…

ahh, that is why the ROI is very quick? how many you have?

thats $30 per day right now so 30 times 30 days =$900 based on current prices and difficulty…not to say you will still make that when you get your miner in…could only be making half that…my opinion is if a miner can pay for itself with in 6 months its worth having but thats just me…

Litecoin difficulty is known to go up and down so I personally would be all over those things if I had the money to wait till july…

but bitmain is a trustworthy company right? coz this is the first time im buying miners from them, usually i build my GPU rigs :slight_smile:

they are the leading bitcoin miner manufacturer…compared to what happened with bitfury I’d trust them…you take a long shot dealing with any transaction by mail though right? just make sure you got insurance on it so the mail man doesn’t take it…lol…I lol but it does happen…

I have heard of miner companies not meeting all orders and having to give refunds like bitfury and zeus…however I have 2 zeus thunders I got off ebay that work great so…and there are plenty of bitfury miners working fine for sale as well…so guess what I am trying to say that there is always a chance when it comes to miner distributors…they did agree to support segregated witness if that says anything

they only ship with UPS, Fedex, DHL, i guess all of those company are trust worthy :slight_smile:

thats the only way to get a package where I live is through those companies…that and usps…UPS should be the cheapest option but fedex is faster…DHL usually only delivers to commercial locations and business’

anyone knows how to get one in UK?

bitmain should ship all over the world…they are base din china and they ship to the us…dont see why you couldnt get one from them or ebay…

We have L3+ miners available for those who are interested in buying.

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Can you email me. I’d like to know your price. I am looking to order a few.

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