Things Charlie says in interviews

I love Charlie! He is brilliant and honest. I just don’t understand why he says two things in interviews. 1) litecoin is not as good a store of value as bitcoin. To me, litecoin is much more stable than bitcoin. 2) While bitcoin may be more secure, when he says bitcoin is more secure than litecoin, i think it comes across as litecoin is not secure.

Charlie Lee does what he does best make LiteCoin the best Crypto currency out there what he needs is a good businessman like Schmidt that handles all of googles business infrastructure

Charlie should stick what he knows best create the best block-chain coin in the market in return have every business and individual interact with LiteCoin with confidence knowing that it is safe and and carries a strong value in comparison to Bitcoin or even better in the near future. Hopefully he can bring on some heavy players in the game like Mark Cuban and that crazy son of gun John McAfee