Theft of a computer wallet

If my wallet computer is stolen, but I have already backed it up with usb flash, then the thief will be able to use the stolen wallet?

If you have an adequate password the thief will get nothing.

Thank you for your reply shyliar and excuse me for my ignorance, but to what password do you refer? Τo that of the private key for encryption of the wallet or the password for the opening my software account on my computer. My question is this: If the thief manages to access my computer and I reintroduce the wallet.dat which i backed it up to another computer, then what happens?

the encryption of yoru wallet.

but the best thing to do is leave ur wallet unencrypted because I heard stories on this forum about ppl not knowing their passwords.

I think if u just keep ur wallet.dat under close lock, u kno not sharing it with anyone, keeping it offline, then no one in the world will be able to access it.

delete ur wallet.dat from ur pc and keep it on like 2 - 3 USB drives.

if u need to use LTC, then use a clean computer to upload ur wallet.dat and go from there.

I mean the password on your wallet. Easy enough to access the computer password unless you use a bios password for extra security.

To be thorough; however, I would immediately take a backup and transfer the funds to a newly created wallet. Once you’ve moved them they are gone from the laptop.

У меня кошелёк не был мной защифрован при установке. Но сейчас я не могу проводить транзакции, так как он каким то образом заблокировался. При попытке перевода требует пароль, которого у меня нет. Техническая поддержка не отвечает.