The Mekong Plaza project : MKC


NAME: Maekong Plaza Token

:o: Token name: MKC

:zap: Summary: The Maekong Plaza project, established to solve the problem above and add value to tourism including solving the obstacles to travel, By create travel-center facilities include: Transport by road, ship, air and railway, (which is currently under construction) accommodation with 4 star level in 2 star price includes entertainment complex Shopping Plaza, and a Package Tour in local area suitable for the nearby tourism spot. Create the large turnkey for enormous amount of revenue from tourists.

:open_book: White Paper:

:globe_with_meridians: Website:

:radio_button: Token Symbol: MKC


:moneybag: Price: 1 ETH = 400 MKC

:moneybag: Minimum Investment: 10 MKC

:moneybag: Grand total = 400 Millions MKC

:moneybag: Calculation the exchange of 1 USD for 1 MKC


:chart: Pre-ICO: January 19, 2019

:stop_sign: Soft cap: 30 Millions MKC or 40 Million USD.

:stop_sign: Sales cap : equivalent of 300 millions MKC

:speech_balloon: Investors Presale and sale amount : Total = 300 Millions MKC

:1234: Accepted currencies: ETH

:small_red_triangle: TOKEN DISTRIBUTION:

Investors: 75%

Partner & Owner: 15%

Team: 5%

Advisory: 5%