The litecoin 70% drop , what do you think will happen and how soon

Hello everyone as a person who is still coming into the world of crypto mind my language of crypto if i sound a bit new.

So im currently heavily invested into litecoin , and of course we know people are talking about the halving , and how 1 month before the halving its suppose to rise highly as it has before (something along those lines). but recently ive come to find out there a drop that happens to, as last time there was a 70% drop before the rising , which had happened at the 7th week , and according to me watching crypto captain video next week is the 7th week and he compared the halving to what may happen now , and there a chance it can happen as there is past evidence. To confirm that next week is 7th week which is supposed to be the so called 70% drop week becuase of what happened last time .

Possible Evidence of it starting , lately litecoin has dropped but varying from 4% all way up to 6.33% (currently 5.59%)

WHAT im asking people on here is do you think this is possible first of all
Also what do you suggest i do for now perhaps sell like 40% of litecoin incase it drops then buy heavy.
you think i should keep buying or sell a few and see what happens in the coming week to rebuy. or you think this is just a small temporarily drop.
let me know what you think may happen thank you.

Thanks for reading. sorry if i sound a bit new its because i am.

The supply being produced is going to be cut in half. I forecast the same or greater demand for Litecoin. The price is likely to rise based on how the supply and demand curves work. But who knows, its anyone’s guess. I bought more LTC today, I buy a little bit every week.

sorry if this is a nooby question , so as we know last time it dropped 70% crypto or in fact even litecoin wasn well known , but this time its at a much larger scale more investors , HODLERS , miners , you think becuase there alot more people involved with litecoin the price drop chance maybe reduced. thanks for replying

Its a good observation for sure, it could certainly dump 70% but I don’t see any economic reasons why that would happen