The final frontier will be interrupted soon
Hi! I would like to share my thoughts about LTCBTC ratio. As we can saw in 2016 LTCBTC ration broked two major historical support level at 0,0078-0,0085btc and 0,0053-0,006btc. And it did this with low trading volume without any resistance by bulls. At the end of the 2016 this crash was slowed by promise of fast segwit activation. But soon became clear that these promises does not attract new investors in Litecoin. So crash continue and very possible that last frontier 0,0022-0,0025 will be interrupted soon because there are no support with big amount of money at these levels. No btc , no CNY, no USD support. Also LTC has no fundamental reasons for stop this crash. No real development, no promotion. Only copy paste bitcoin code, promises, twitter trolling and wails on reddit.

Im not trolling LTC.
Only Charlie Lee‏ troll LTC and its bagholders.

I have the feeling LTC is being kept low deliberately. Volume the last 2 months is pretty high, but for some reason price is more stable as ever. I’m not sure who it doing that or why this is, but it is impossible to keep it down for ever. And when it goes, it REALLY goes.
I have not fully analyzed the issue yet, but I’m certain there is more behind it.

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I posted my reply to more or less this problem on another thread here

here is the post…I will not re-post it here but anyone wants to beat me up or enlighten me on this

feel free to re-post here in your reply and then it can go on from there on this thread

(assuming someone wants to give it and this thread traction that is)

anyway just my view in the same area

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I feel pretty much the same. At time the Titan was in development, ROI time was 2 months. I knew it was not going to stay that way because 2500 Titans would affect the diff offcourse. But at this moment (march 2017) my Titan still didn’t ROI. It could have if I sold my LTC in jun 2016, but I didn’t. I’m not sure if my Titan will ever ROI, the increase in hashrate last months didn’t help for sure. And that’s what I don’t understand, why so many people invest in buying new miners for LTC. It makes no sense.
It makes me wonder if there is something going to happen that I don’t know? Is LTC going to $100 in 2017? If not why would they invest so much money.
But what I’ve learned so far is that LTC price is not up to miners, it’s up to the traders. And they don’t care if miners will ROI or not.
The second thing I don’t understand is why segwit adoption for LTC takes so long. It’s in the miners benefit if LTC would develop to segwit. Making LTC differend from all the other coins. Maybe it’s because many miners just mine and don’t know anything about crypto and crypto market. I trully hope segwit will be there soon, if not, I think LTC price will keep going down to nothing and LTC is history…

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failing continue :smiling_imp:

My daughter came home from school yesterday with the next week´s scedule. It had a proverb printed on the top…

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt”

Tell your daughter listen to me and she will make a money.

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Then I suggest you put the money where your mouth is and accept a bet. You pick one coin (preferably one of the majors) that you think will outperform Litecoin for the next 30 days. I will go with Litecoin. If you win, I will donate a symbolic Litecoin to the forum. If I win, I presume you do the same…

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LTC / BTC ratio is not significant.
We need to look at what fundamentally supports cryptocurrency.
People want their wealth to be safe from inflation and fromexcess taxation.
Crypto takes wealth into the Web, andit keeps wealth private.
BTC was the trailblazer of crypto, it is perfectly natural that it takes the premier position.
LTC came along with some improvements, but hey-ho so what, it’s still an also-ran.
Big Finance and big corporatons have taken an interest in Crypto. Look at what the ceo of JP morgan said, “Bitcoin is going to eat our lunch”.
These big mobsters are scared. So what do they do ? Well after not being able to take down BTC technically, they do it by propaganda, ( BTC users = criminals ). That is not working either, so what do they do ? - They emulate, so out comes Etherium, and soon becomes the world’s No.! cryptocurrency. Well there is a surprise, with all their cash they can buy California, but it dfeats the purpose of crypto. Crypto is designed to be user friendly and to protect their wealth from the grubby stick fingers if big business and big finance.
So where do we go from here ?
Well it all depends on how quickly the world financial system implodes. Will it be 10 days or will it be 10yrs ? Who knows, I don’t. But what I do know is that it will implode. Many others know this too.
That is the event that we are waiting for, that will propel BTC to $10,000 and LTC to $250
Be prudent and be patient.
All comes to he who waits.

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Now what you negative idiot? f2pool started to signal everything you have said has been wrong.

shut up moron
this is only bull trap for idiots such you