The BTC's future opinions

BTC is still the main crypto coin on the market, is it going to grow? I read some reviews, like that and they say that BTC will show a rapid growth, so are there any other opinions? Maybe, ETH or some other coin are able to beat BTC.

I look at BTC and LTC and others as Virtual Land. In BTC’s case, 21 million coins and 18.5 million have been mined and in existence. So value is relative to scarcity of BTC which the bitcoin network reflects. In the case of the internet…the price was not mostly relfected in the internet backbone or newtork…it was reflected in the apps like FaceBook/Google/etc.
In the way I look at this, in the BTC or LTC network the price is not mostly in the apps, it is in the BTC and LTC network itself…thus any apps or adoption in mass is reflected in the BTC or LTC network prices…and thus in the coin proper…be it LTC or BTC.

So it is all to me ‘adoption’ with only so much ‘virtual land’ and harder and harder to mine…the price has to go up to reflect the use/adoption and the rest of the world wishing to adopt BTC or LTC for whatever reason.

Thus the ‘virtual land’ reflects the price due to adoption and people wanting a piece of that action.

So by HODL mode on LTC and BTC I’m ‘essentially’ a Rancher say, with a lot of land, located ‘just’

outside of Las Vegas …with lots of people wanting me to sell…but too set in my ways to do so (or the

price is not right)…same situation in my mind.

location, location, location