The 10 Best Websites to buy Bitcoin (and Litecoin)

Here is a good list with the best Websites to buy Bitcoin, and also Litecoin for most of them .

I am want to buy l3+ mine, can You please inform me detaily?

You can buy Litecoin on :







Find also Litecoin on :


New website ! A lot more content !

How about a place to buy Bitcoin with a credit card WITHOUT paying additional fees?

Does such a place exist?

I think Coinbase is the best Website to buy with credit card, but if you want to buy with bank wire, there are other platforms.

But there are no Exchanges with no fees, especially with credit cards.

You can try out also, it’s a british exchange that accepts Credit card payments

I like to use kraken but it’s too much problems and bugs , I will try out some of your list , thanks

wos thankyou. how about trasnfer? cheapest way? transfer to coins.

You can now trade Litecoin also on :

I prefer Instant exchanges, that do the transaction without putting orders like:

Cool litecoin trading simulator-

Thank you for the sharing

Hi guys,

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It looks good! Thank you.

Hello guys, we are pleased to announce our new buy&sell service Gobaba to the Litecoin community.

Gobaba is a new community-oriented service in which you can buy&sell Litecoin and Bitcoin within seconds. It allows you to cash back our platform reward coin called GBB for every transaction that took place on the platform. You can make a deposit to your EUR and TRY wallet with many different deposit methods (VISA, SEPA, Multibanco transfer and more)


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Anybody knows about and Bitforex exchanges? Are they good ones?

Nobody tried them ? Bitforex had some strange volumes lately so I’m not so sure about them.

A good tip is always to go to CoinMarketCap first and see at what exchanges it’s trading lower. After you select an exchange, actually check that it’s legit lately by googling its name, and also searching it on Reddit.