Technical Support by pGuerrerox

Hello Litoshis,

With the recent surge in the price of LTC, I have seen this category flood with help post, many are newcomers and others not so new.

So in this thread I will offer my services and knowledge (nothing special, everything is on the internet), and try to help others recover or access to their coins.

Since I am not a miner anymore, I needed a way to generate some coins, and since I have had my fair share of problems in the past, I have read have some tough experience. So I am here to help you or at least point you in the right direction.

IS THIS FOR FREE? yes and no.
YES, if your problem is easy and don’t require much time.
NO, if your problem is time consuming, the following fee apply:
-. Tip me what you like – Less or equal to 5 LTC
-. 5% of the recovered amount – More than 5 LTC and less or equal to 10 LTC
-. 10% of the recovered amount – More than 10 LTC

I like to think that I am, see the next post for a list of services finished.

Messaging apps, Remote Desktop Software.

-. Post below.
-. Direct message on the forums.
-. Telegram (@pguerrerox).

Let the help begins.

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History of Services Completed

|      No.      |    Date    |            User           |        Recover (Ł)        |
|       01      | 12/19/2017 |           GrenCo          |             6             |
|       02      | 12/26/2017 |          Marccau          |             2             |
|       03      | 12/30/2017 |          sayedcol         |            4.33           |
|       04      | 01/08/2018 |          Fireman          |            16             |
|       05      |            |                           |                           |
| Tips address: | LYvnXYUg2shakKJpEyqLy5qtzfXtudojFX                                 |

Thanks to pGuerrerox my problem is solved! He managed to retrieve my wallet that I had lost.
Very nice person to communicate with and very helpful! Thanks to him I have my coins back. He literally made my day! Big thumps up mate! :+1::+1::+1:

Not much support nowadays on this Litecoin technical support forum while there are so many problems from different users. I can’t understand that for a coin of 350+ dollars at the moment. Lucky he was here or I probably never figured out how to get my coins back. Cheers mate! :star_struck:

Hi there, I transferred some litecoin from QuadrigaCx to Coinsquare about 2 days ago. The amount was 5.14. Normally it has worked fine, but this time, the wallet on coinsquare never received the litecoin.

When I look on blockcypher, it looks like the transaction was confirmed and sent, and I can click the transaction ID which takes me to the inputs and outputs. But it has been 2 days and I have not received my litecoin

I don’t know what to do, any help would be great

Transaction ID: 4feea94f0a2c1102aaa2b1e6bb10d1fa8c77f9864981a38601f66bd751ad18a3
Wallet : LeabsJANmcABrgwqL9NdQY1QFTA18BtEAn

hello Mussakhan,

the wallets are manage by the exchanges, in your case there is nothing within my reach to help you with.

I think you need to contact the support of Coinsquares and explain the problem.

good luck

Good day to all!.

I have a peculiar case here… MY ledger nano s generated one single and address serving as BtC and LTC wallets combined. If i sent BTC to it, i will through But If I sent LTC, it will never get the wallet.

I sent LTC to the wallet and its hanging. I can tract through but not in wallet.

I have been writing ledger support but seems they are overwhelmed numerous reports from customers.

Please I need your help.


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send you a msg…

I transferred from inline freewallet account


I’m so grateful. I have my coins back now. DevBitcoins made that to happen, but not without your assistance.

I really appreciate you Sir.


Thanks to pGuerrerox my problem is solved!
Concretely he is really the only one to help me.
He managed to retrieve my wallet that I had lost with succefull.
Very nice person to communicate with and very helpful!
Thanks to him I have my coins back.
he helped me free to find my 2 ltc.
pGuerrerox is the best.

Helow @pguerrerox
It was great working with you. I almost lost hope in some one helping NE retrieving my lost coins. You really helped me out. I got all my coins back. And never the less. Very professional and fast response.

Guys. I advise you getting help from @pguerrerox, just him without a dought. And you will get all what you lost. I just got my Ltc back and fully.

So happy now and I can enjoy my NYE
Best regards

Sencillamente genial, todo un profesional.
Altamente recomendable.

Gracias por todo colega.