Technical help with old wallet please


I’m new to this forum, so any help appreciated.

I recently came across an old laptop whilst moving house, and realised that I had an old Litecoin wallet on there, the wallet is litecoin qt- (linux ubuntu), I’ve tried to send a couple of test transactions(to a new wallet) to no avail, with a few litecoins now floating around the Blockchain. Before you ask, no I didn’t use a fee (as I say it’s been a while). But I don’t think this is the issue. The coins are showing having left my wallet (0/unconfirmed), before shutting down laptop one transaction was showing over a hundred nodes, with 0 confirms, to then show 0 confirms (with no nodes) upon turning back on later. I realise I have to update the wallet, the problem is, can I do this directly, as in simply upgrading existing? I’ve tried to update from the litecoin website, but it tries to install a completely new file. If installing a new file is the only option, ow do I then transfer (and recover) the existing wallet bitcoins?

Also not sure if an active VPN (or lack of) could be an issue, I’ve recently changed broadband provider which doesn’t support, having found out when I tried to work a few days from home (no issues with old provider which did support VPN).

Trans ID - 9b0c4c11164b6a634de2e2a59fe917c30c68565402d41b02fe813fd19787a252

I have to say, if anyone can help, I can find my way around a computer, but I’m in no way a geek, so please any advice keep as simple if possible!

Thanks again.


yes you need to completely install a new file…,.the new version will use the application data from the old wallet

you appdata folder is located at user/(current user)/Appdata/Roaming/Litecoin

this is where you would replace the wallet.dat file with your backup and rename it wallet.dat in order to restore a wallet

just download the newest version and let it sync…you will see your coins once its done syncing

Will give it a try, thanks.