Syncing issues of Litecoin LOAF Wallet on iPhone

Dear All,

My Litecoin LOAF Wallet for iPhone was in great use for a few months. Unfortunately, for last a few weeks syncing commences as I enter PIN and then automatically wallet app stops and it return to the iPhone (sort of home page) main page where other apps are there (for all routine use i.e. banking, coinmarketcap etc.).

I deleted wallet a few times and downloaded again, obviously, when opened, it got me the same wallet with same PIN etc and same issue of not completely syncing.

Any solution/advise please?


it looks like a LOAF wallet bug, if you had your privatekey backup, move your funds to another wallet and wait until they fix the issue or get another software.

I can’t recommend anything cuz I don’t own an iPhone, but research before installing and using another wallet.

Thanks for your reply mate I greatly appreciated it. I would try a few ways to sort this out…


Try clean-installing it, follow this tutorial:
Then reinstall then let the wallet completely sync. Make sure you phone doesn’t lock, and LoafWallet is the only open app on the phone. Also disable low power mode.

Thanks mate appreciated…Cheers