Stolen litecoins

Someone from this site was helping me (or so I thought) with finding out how many Litecoins I had in my wallet ( I bought them some years ago and had forgotten). I don’t know anything about all this geeky stuff, so needed help.

Well, this person made me download lots of software (pywallet etc) on my Mac OS. Then eventually, I found out (by entering a simple command in Terminal) that I had 10 Litecoins in total. BUT, two days later, (I have only just found out by running Litecoin Core) they were stolen - transferred to someone else without my knowledge. i now have a zero balance; I can only presume it was the person who was supposed to be helping me.

I feel stupid for being so trusting…But is there anything i can do to get them back? I have the ‘address’ to were they were sent.


Please tell us who this person was.

Also, I am afraid you can’t do anything to get your coins back. The only way to get them is the thief send them back.

The person who had been helping me has been in touch with me and denied that they are the thief. I am inclined to believe them…perhaps I am being completely naive again!

He/She has has offered to help me get them back - although you are stating that I will not be able to. More confusion!

PS: the wallet was protected by a long pass code, so how did the thief steal it?

Do you have the exact links you used to download the software he/she asked to install?
Said sofware could be compromised. Think, for instance, a modified version of litecoin core that reports back your long pass code to the thief.

I have been in touch with the person who was helping me and whom I initially (understandably) accused. He strongly denies that he was responsible for the theft…and I think I believe him. He seems to be sincere and genuine. He has suggested that my old windows PC (running XP) may ahve been breached, as Macs are difficult to. A copy of the wallet was on the HD of the old PC. However the mystery is as to how the pass code was cracked. It is a long code, and there is no trace of it on the HD. It was never revealed to anyone. There really should be a prominent WARNING section for newbies and non-geeks on these crypto sites.

I feel had…and foolish…but then again, how are non-techy people (like me) to know about the perils of owning crypto currencies?

Hi Saaj,

It looks like this is the thread where you were asking for help: Old 32 bit wallet problem

It seems (from your responses in the thread) that you copied the wallet from your Windows XP PC to your MAC, so how is it possible that your PC was compromised? If the wallet file was encrypted and you simply copied it to your MAC, that process is safe. More likely something on your MAC is compromised, unless you did further work on your PC.

You also haven’t replied to @mautematico 's question (Do you have the exact links you used to download the software he/she asked to install?)

I’m actually doubting the legitimacy for your claims. If you are in fact telling the truth, then please let us know the process you followed, and software/command line commands you ran/executed, and provide links if you downloaded software.

If you really did get your Litecoin stolen, unfortunately, you won’t get it back. What is important now is to establish what happened, so others can learn from your costly mistake.


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Well, I had 10 litecoins…now I have none… and I did not make any transactions at all.

As part of the assistance I received, I was asked to download pywallet (via Terminal) from but not my long and complicated pass -phrase/ private keys were never revealed…
It is unfortunate that the entire thread was not recorded on the litecointalk thread as the thread was cut off mid-flow (something about an initial 23 message limit, I seem to remember).