Stablecoin on Litecoin?


So, there are rumours of this possibly happening—which TBH, would make sense due to Litecoin’s cheap fees.

How would this help the Litecoin network grow/improve though? What advantages does it bring to Litecoin itself?

I don’t believe a stable coin on Litecoin will help Litecoin. The most amount of Tether now runs on the Tron network which has zero fees. Instead of a stable coin on Litecoin, I would push more for getting wrapped Litecoin (wLTC) since wLTC can then be used in DeFi protocols. And those DeFi protocols will really drive growth for Litecoin.

Your thoughts?


It’s not a one or other situation. We have the capacity to work on a stablecoin product and wrapped Litecoin simultaneously.

What is Tron used for? Literally nothing. Except in the past year they added Tether Tron support. This is because Tron has a fee advantage just like Litecoin. I would like Litecoin’s adoption to increase, and be an all-in-one. There’s thousands of cryptos doing their own thing, but why not have a single crypto which is ‘good’ at everything.


Yes, I agree. Litecoin would not benefit from a Stablecoin at the moment …