Someone help please!

I recently decided to upgrade my Litecoin Core wallet. I had a bunch of litecoins in it. To be safe, I decided to back it up before I upgraded. Now after the upgrade, I moved my backup wallet folder (.dat) into the new litecoin wallet. HOWEVER, there are still NO litecoins in the wallet, BUT my transactions from the previous wallet are present. What should I do please help? I was told that I may need to rescan, but I do not understand what or how to do that.

If anyone can help a NOOB out that would be great. Thanks in advance


make sure there is only one copy of wallet.dat in the appdata folder and that you are renaming your backup wallet.dat

Yes. There is only one copy in the folder and I renamed it. Is there anything else that could be a problem??

try starting litecoin in command prompt with -reindex -rescan flags and that should do it…more than likely your address aren’t indexed properly to correspond to the private keys you imported
double check this is what you want to do by starting litecoin-qt.exe --help or go to console under debug window and type help…