Solo Mining vs Pool Mining


Once you hit a block I think you should try solo mining Verge or DGB since their block rewards are very high and your probability would be higher since the total hash rate on those two coins are much lower than Litecoin massive pools.


Thanks, @mario305 ! You’ll all be the first to know when it happens


I have tried both with mixed results.

Idk why but I was getting a strange segwit error with EMC2. DGB block chain was taking forever to download. And I could not get Verge core running without a GUI.

After messing around with them for a while, I decided to just stick to the LTC network.


Ahhh okay. I want to solo mine DGB or Verge. I’ve mined LTC since the summer and the increase in price has been nice but mining Verge getting hundreds of coins and then it spiking up just a few cents has increased profits much more. The same thing happened with dash, i received the first dash asic with the first batch and it was insane the first week before all the miners went online. It paid it self especially when it’s price went up 4-5 times. I’ve heard that the DGB block takes like a week or 2 to completely download. It may be quicker now that it’s price has gone up so much. It’s the most profitable coin now.


Sounds right… I’m suspect of a network where that’s the case…


This is one l3+ mining into a pool for verge. So if verge shoots up to .5 or a dollar let’s say since they have so many fans are one of John McAfee’s favorites, the current earnings of 90 coins x .2 cents = 18 dollars at today’s market, let’s say a 6 month hold and price reaches 1 dollar only. that’s 90 coins X 1 = 90, so 1 months of work that seemed like 540 earned could be 2700 earned per miner instead? Or even more if verge wrath protocol really is as great as people make it seem.


It’s tempting, I gave up because I could not get it working… Maybe I’ll try again when I get tired of earning nothing mining Litecoin solo.


Yeah, the total block reward for LTC is so nice but look at the total nethash for verge and dgb.Verge isn’t bad I think our changes would be higher, much more often and 312 each time we get a block wouldn’t be back at all per l3+.

. Verge BR is about 312 dollars, DGB is about 97 and LTC is about 6000. I really would just want it to hold those verge coins, 1560 coins a pop or dgb 814 coins a pop. DGB already made me a good amount of profit in a small investment portfolio. I saw early around august i bought something with 136 ltcs and may regret it now since back then i used it to pay something that was like 9k and those ltc are worth over 30k now lol.


So this person setup litecoin at a home pc and is pointing their miner to their local address. Is this another way of doing it? Making your own p2pool? Do you know how to do this but for Verge , litecoin looks easier to do.


Yes, but I’m moving toward doing this all locally.

p2pool is not solo mining fwiw

Working on it… I will let you know when I figure it out.


Isn’t making your own p2pool and you being the only one using it solo mining also? Since the entire reward will be yours? Let me know if you figure out how to mine Verge locally. That’s what I want to do, I also have x11 miners so I’d like to mine locally with those as well maybe CANN or other coins thanks.


Oh I found what I wanted to ask you so I have gpu miners as well and if I point one of my rigs to a pool for ZCL I can get what is in the picture. What I noticed is that not many people are mining ZCL since ETH and so many others are paying out more, but the reward block for ZCL is money. Can you help me get that gpu miner solo mining isn’t it easier than getting our asics solo mining?


I don’t know enough about p2pool to comment more but it’s not the same as mining solo, that I know for sure.

Will do

It might be easier, I don’t know, you should just be able to run ZCL node and point your GPUs to it. I can’t really help you out with that though.


Any update on solo mining LTC?
My miner has been running for a week and I have about .5 LTC :frowning:


Still hashing, the only update is I’m now at about 2 GH/s.

Working on moving my Litecoin node off of AWS and on to a computer locally.

Trying out solo Verge mining too, unsuccessful so far.


Week 6
Expected Time per Block = 92 days 15 hours
Pool Speed = 1.9 GH/s
Blocks found = 0

Still no blocks. I have my three A4+ units running full time though last night I rebooted and now one chain won’t start, so I’m down like 150 MH/s… but at least this was an excuse to lift up the hood on my machines and telnet into them to take a look around.

Six weeks of pool mining and I would have 2.5k USD by now [sigh]. Still waiting on that 25 LTC block reward, sure hope I get a block with a good fee tied to it too.

Still, there are things to do. Lately, I’ve been eying the ~20ms round-trip time that it takes to reach my VPS. Decided that a VPS is a waste of money and it introduced a latency I can remove.

I’ve bought at 128GB micro-SD card for my Raspberry Pi and flashed it with Ubuntu 16. I’m going to use it as my Litecoin Node and stratum server. Sitting next to my miners, it should take the round-trip time down to less than 5ms. Considering I’m submitting 7500 shares and 2000 getworks or so per day, saving 15ms/request will totally add up over the 92 days til I’m estimated to hit a block. (I’m looking at anything to increase my odds, ideas welcomed.)

Plus, I figure if I can make a Raspberry Pi Litecoin node with a stratum server and a nice UI, I might be able to sell it to others. Anyone interested? Let me know. At least it’ll be another project I can open source on Github to rack up more stars.


I’m interested in the raspberry pi node if you can make it for different coins. We’ll talk once you have completed your litecoin one. Still here cheering you for man!


How much will you charge to setup a solo node? I have a vps on Vultr fyi and looking to seutp my L3+.


1 LTC, check out my tutorial and give it a try on your own first: Litecoin Solo Minin

If you get stuck get in touch with me. Idk what Vultr but lately I’ve been working on moving away from VPS and working on bare metal, I recommend that since there less round-trip time for your L3+ to reach a server on your network as opposed to a server out on the internet somewhere.


Could you make a tutorial for solo mining dgb?