Sold Litecoin on Bittrex exchange but no payment was received?


I would appreciate hearing from anybody who might be able to help me find out what happened with a trade I made yesterday on Bittrex.

I initiated a trade to sell 24.994 Litecoin, the trade completed however, I have no idea where the payment from the trade is. I should’ve received $1,311 USDT, I didn’t and other than what looked to be a generic email about a similar issue but not my problem specifically, I’ve not been able to get any information from Bittrex that can explain or resolve the situation.

I did go to the website Litecoin Explorer and ran both the address and the TxId to see if that would help me figure this out however, I simply don’t understand that side of things well enough to make sense of the information. However, something I noticed when I ran the TxId it showed 4 Inputs and 2 Outputs, the second output, which is the address for the coins I sold is showing as “Not yet redeemed”.

I would really appreciate any input any of you guys might have that would explain what this means? and more importantly, how I can go about fixing it and either get the coins back or get the payment.

Thanks in advance.

Problem solved.