Setting up a decent sized mining operation

Hello everyone, new to this forum so my apologies if this is not in the right place!

I am in the process of absorbing information about mining because together with a group of friends I am setting up a mining operation that is, I think, above average.

As I read on this forum I see that the Antminer L3+ is the latest and best one to get am I right?

  • Does the L3+ also support mining other coins than Litecoin? So that we can choose whatever coin is the most profitable at the time?
  • If I set up multiple L3+'s can / should they all be linked together or do they work individually?
  • and if they are linked, should there be something like a central server where they are all controlled from?
  • If I set up a lot of them (we are thinking around 30 to 40 pieces) would you advise to use external airconditioning or will the standard integrated fan suffice?
  • I read a lot about them being sold out, a large order of 30 - 40 L3+'s, will I have a lot of problems of ordering that in one go?

These are some of my questions now, I hope you all can help answer them!

only place to find an l3 right now is ebay and they are way over priced…antminer had them for sale for $1400 and people bought them all up just to ebay them at $2500 and up…currently they are making roughly 1 LTC every 3 days too…have a look at this to get you started…

thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

okay well I am definately not buying them off ebay than, I think I’ll be best off getting them directly from Bitmain. But 1 LTC every 3 days is not a lot at all… the L3+ can mine all scriptcoins am I right? maybe some other coin will be more profitable, I am not married to LTC…

yes it can mine any scrypt coin…pronounced (Es- Script)…it is a spin on bcrypt cryptography algorithm more secure than bcrypt too