🔥 SERVERS.GURU | Anonymous, Affordable and Reliable VPS starting at € 5.49/m - accepting Litecoin

Hello everyone,

We are Servers.Guru, a provider of anonymous hosting.

We offer cheap, privacy friendly and reliable servers.

We offer VPS starting at :fire: € 5.49/m and cloud servers with dedicated cpu resources starting at :fire: € 29.99/m
Our hosting locations include : :finland: Finland, :de: Germany and :us_outlying_islands: USA.

We do not ask for any personal informations if you decide to pay with crypto-currencies ! Only a working email for important informations about your hosting.
Each order comes with a control-panel including power control, vnc access, and bandwidth monitoring.
We are constantly improving our services and strive to satisfy our customers :slight_smile:

We accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, BNB, Monero, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple and Doge as well as credit card and paypal.

Here is our current super affordable offers:

Check our offers at : https://servers.guru

We now accept USDT (erc-20) and USDT (trc-20) !