🔥 SERVERS.GURU | Anonymous, Affordable and Reliable VPS starting at € 5.49/m - accepting Litecoin

Hello everyone,

We are Servers.Guru, a provider of anonymous hosting.

We offer cheap, privacy friendly and reliable servers.

We offer VPS starting at :fire: € 5.49/m and cloud servers with dedicated cpu resources starting at :fire: € 29.99/m
Our hosting locations include : :finland: Finland, :de: Germany and :us_outlying_islands: USA.

We do not ask for any personal informations if you decide to pay with crypto-currencies ! Only a working email for important informations about your hosting.
Each order comes with a control-panel including power control, vnc access, and bandwidth monitoring.
We are constantly improving our services and strive to satisfy our customers :slight_smile:

We accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, BNB, Monero, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple and Doge as well as credit card and paypal.

Here is our current super affordable offers:

Check our offers at : https://servers.guru

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We now accept USDT (erc-20) and USDT (trc-20) !

We released a new control panel with extra add-ons available :

  • extra ips (ipv4: €4.50/m:fire: , ipv6: €1.50/m:fire: )

  • extra volumes (up to 10TB, €0.08/GB/m:fire: )

  • Backups (7 days of automatic backups, starting at: €10/m:fire: )

We’re still here and kicking with 100% 5 stars reviews on trustpilot :slight_smile:

We just launched arm servers ! starting at 5.99 euros per month.

Check them out there: servers.guru/arm-vps/

We now offer :shield: server protection! Pay 20% extra on your server plan and don’t risk losing your server if you forget to renew! We’ll keep a backup for up to 1 month after its expiration date!

We now offer Debian 12 and custom iso support for Arm servers!

We’re still here providing affordable and awesome vps :slight_smile:

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

We now accept polygon (MATIC), and USDT on Polygon as well as USDC of Ethereum and Polygon :slight_smile:

You now have the ability to cancel your server (meaning it will not automatically renew from your wallet credit at the end of it’s billing term).

We also have a comprehensive knowledge base and support website: support.servers.guru

  • You can now change your primary Reverse DNS from your control panel :slight_smile:
  • Our cloud server are now cheaper ! And we’ve added 2 new configurations

sounds good,
What kind of precessor are you using?
Directly P2P or over a 3rd party processor?


Thank you for your interest.
We are hosting our own payment processor.
Payments are processed automatically.

Ok then you need to list the fees that processor takes.

Sorry for the late reply.

We don’t take fees for Crypto payments, only fees for fiat payment ( paypal and credit card).

We now offer ARM vps in 2 more datacenters, Nuremberg and Helsinki. You can now choose which datacenter you want for your ARM vps on checkout :slight_smile: