Sent my LTC that I bought to my BTC address on my Ledger Nano S

  1. From my Ledger Nano S I did a receive using my BITCOIN WALLET ( I got the address )
  2. I bought a LTC using Coinbase and I try to send it using the BTC address form the Nano ( payment completed )

The question is when I went back to my Ledger Nano S open the LTC wallet ( never arrived ) BTC wallet ( never arrived )

It says
1 Input Consumed:
LhY23MNQnDpK2WwCykrVxH1vcrqWsSEeoN ( <— I suppose that’s the LTC that I bought )
2 Output created:
LKGMwb259qHNAiRpKjgY2PFRcnbMN53fet ( spent )
3BAvZYfLnD8rPQyTRK1zXtsoEXHuir9YU4 ( unspent ) <-- this is the BTC address that I created

Please help.