Sent LTC to a BTC address, stuck in the Blockcypher

Is there someone who can help me recover som LTC. I sent LTC directly to a BTC address (from Coinbase to Lykke Wallet) It is still unspent in the blockchain for LTC. What to do anyone?

Can you share the public address so we can take a look at it?

35JfNcrfefpxvPR8r27xVtX6DJnRR2miFd I guess it is open for everybody, but if you would help me Im greatful.

Were you able to find it? And do you know what I should do?

I have no experience with Lykke wallet. I hope someone else here does…

Ok so I should address the problem to Lykke Wallet users. Lykke Wallet them selfes wouldnt do anything