Sent Litecoin to my bitcoin address. Please help!

I am new and made a mistake. I sent litecoin from my Electrum-LTC Wallet to my XAPO bitcoin wallet. The transaction is b88db5b74412da7900632b98a7ea1a35826989725c41f1deb00f7f622af3c80f on

The transaction is showing as Not Yet Redeemed on the blockchain. I have contacted XAPO and the person who network and they can’t help. Is there a way to retrieve my 6 litecoin?


don’t know anything about electrum but
in core you can right click the transaction and click cancel transaction…you don’t have anything to worry aobut because it cant get confirmed…if you have the private key then you can recover using that too with a weep if needed…but u need to use core wallets and let that electrum crap go…xapo too…third party servers are the only wallets that anyone ever has trouble with,…core wallets are like mini personal servers and belong to you and only you

if you can get your private key for address that contains the coins then you can sweep it to a core wallet

Hi, I also sent litecoin to my Xapo address. Did you manage to get a solution.



you need to find your private key for the xapo wallet somehow in order to sweep it to another key manager like core…this is why Bitcoin is Decentralized in the first place and originally was not suppose to have central servers like xapo, mycelium and electum

Hi, i have the same problem… from LTC coinbase to BTC Bitinka. The transaction is pending from many days.

somebody can help?



if you are using a core wallet just right click the transaction and click abandon transaction…it works as long as there are no confirmations yet…otherwise without a private key to import into a different wallet to send again correctly…there’s nothing you can do but contact the site admin…STOP USING 3RD PARTY SERVERS FOR DECENTRALIZED CURRENCY!!!

there will never be confirmations anyway when sending coins across chains until the lightning network that is

please just download a wallet from for your device that is no electrum or mycelium or any other 3rd party server(or app that access a 3rd party server)…the litecoin blockchain only needs 25 GB of space…store it on a flashdrive

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Hi, thanks for answer, i will check the abandon transaction option in coinbase…i will never use again a 3rd party servers… the customer service of coinbase is very very bad.

I will notice the news.