Sending passphrase via litecoin-cli

When sending passphrase to decrypt the wallet via litecoin-cli - must the passphrase be in quotes (I mean ./litecoin-cli walletpassphrase “the passphrase (even with spaces!)” timeout)?

no…no need for quotes

So what if my passphrase is 100 200 300 (with two spaces between numbers) and the password has space at the beginning and the end?

To send the password one has to type walletpassphrase 100 200 300 timeout (wich also is a number). Does litecoin-cli “see” the spaces (especially at the beginning and the end)? What in such case? Thanks.

The number is for how long you want your wallet unlocked for to dump a private key for a specific transaction…the first number you type is for how many seconds you want your wallet unlocked then anything after that is the pass phrase if there is one…and any spaces are considered characters so if your pass phrase has no spaces…use no spaces

bakd247, thank you for your reply, but, with all due respect, according to Litecoin API this is not true what you say. According to API the first number is the passphrase (not for how many seconds you want your wallet unlocked). My question is as follows:

I’ve got spaces at the beginning and the end of the passphrase, which is (let’s assume) space100space200space300space. I want my wallet unlocked for 400 seconds. What command should I send via litecoin-cli?

./litecoin-cliSPACEwalletpassphraseSPACESPACE100SPACE200SPACE300SPACESPACE400 ? Is that a correct command? Thank you.

walletpassphrase “your walletpassphrase here” 600
dumpprivkey [your litecoin address here]

this is how you dump a private key correctly in console…your passphrase goes before how long you want it unlocked for…and 600 is how many seconds you want it unlocked for and is a variable…using NO quotations i honestly cant remember if you need spaces here or not…its been a long time since I had to sweep my keys to another wallet…more than likely you do…if it doesn’t work without spaces then chances are it will work with them…

Thank you very much for all your posts - passphrase found :-).