Selling KNC Titan (NOT WORKING)

I am selling KNC miner in NOT WORKING condition. 4 cubes - all not working, and the controller board in WORKING condition.
Payment in BTC/LTC only. We can use escrow of-course.
I ship from EU (Bulgaria). I can sell cubes separately.

do you have any idea what is wrong with them? do they make a connection to the controller and not mine or no connection? How much for 1 cube?

I am bad with hardware and I don’t know what’s wrong with them. Most of them don’t make connection to the controller or get the controller in kind of ‘loop’, if I remember correctly. One of them is working, but the power connection started to overheat and burn, so it needs change.
I have no idea about the price. Best offer win. I prefer to bulk sell them

How old is the miner?

It’s from Batch 1.
2 or 3 of the cubes were replaced by KNC (warranty) after ~1 year of usage

Is it hashing anything if you start it up?

Just one of the cube is hashing, but as I said - it started to overheat at the power connection and I turned it off. As far as I remember just one of them had 1 died die, before they broke. I hope this description helps

First offer: 600USD by Hawken . If nobody bids higher for 3 days, it will go to him.

Cool. Did he get it? If he has problems I fix these things if broken.

Hi lightfot. Good to know. I will get in touch later either with this one or if I run into problems with any of the ones I have. Do you by the way have the capacity to change DC/DC converter?

To an extent, I have had mixed success with swapping them. Normally it’s better to just run that die at 150mh hash speed and use the remaining good supply. Since you can then run the other dies at a higher rate (I recommend 60mh per cube to keep from frying the connector) it all works out.