Sell 10xAntminer L3+ (21-30 September Batch)

Hello Everyone

I Sell 10 Antminer L3+ of the 21-30 September Batch.
If you live in Switzerland or somewhere around, you can also come by and pick it up.

This Batch was really expensive compared to later batches.
We therefore charge 5000 USD per piece.
If you contact me, we may be able to talk about the price.

We accept BTC, LTC, USD and maybe other cryptocurrencies as payment method.
Please let me know, if you need some kind of proof about the existence of these devices.
(For Example the invoice from Bitmain, Photos of the boxes when they arrive,…)

We can also talk through Skype, WhatsApp,…

PSU included

why don’t you just plug in the iner and use it…why would you buy something just to sell it the second you get it?

youll make more profit mining than you will reselling a miner

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The just plug in part sounds easier than it is.
We bought much more units, but the current installation for all will not be finished in time. So they would just lie around.

I was trying to explain that to someone the other day…they told me “If the machine makes money…why is someone selling it?” and I told them they probably cant get any more power draw out of their location…which is the same problem I have until I get a bigger place…