Self-built mining pool can't connect rpc port 9332 ,Help PLZ

Operating system 2008r2 64
Litecoin wallet version litecoin-0.14.2-win32-setup
litecoin.conf contains server=1 rpcuser=abc rpcpassword=123
Wallet has been updated ,It is open all the time. Using command netstat -nao can find it is listening on port 9332 .Connecting the port by using telnet is normal.
both litecoin-cli.exe getinfo and litecoin-cli.exe getdifficulty returned normal values.
But brower accesses, It returned JbSONRPC server handles only POST requests

testing client curl
C:>curl --user abc:123 --data-binary ‘{“jsonrpc”:“1.0”,“id”:“1”,“method”:“getinfo”,“params”:[]}’
-H ‘content-type:text/plain;’
{“result”:null,“error”:{“code”:-32700,“message”:“Parse error”},“id”:null}

Either p2pool_win32_15.0 or p2pool-master connect wallet

command:run_p2pool.exe/ abc 123 --net litecoin -a xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx --outgoing-conns 4

2017-09-08 12:56:35.882000 Testing bitcoind RPC connection to ‘
9332/’ with username ‘abc’…
2017-09-08 12:56:35.897000 > Check failed! Make sure that you’re connected t
o the right bitcoind with --bitcoind-rpc-port!

you need port 9333 for mining and 9332 to submit work (hence the “post requests only” on port 9332)