Seeking A2 Terminator Control Board

I’m looking for an A2 Terminator control board.

If anyone has one please let me know, looking to buy in LTC.

I would potentially be interested in buying a full A2 Terminator unit if someone is looking to get rid of one.

If I remember correctly the A2 temnator board can run more than ONE A2 if you have another unit

contact longsnowsm he can probably give you the ins and outs on how this works or a return

but if you have another I think you can daisy chain them (or at one time with firmware you could I think)

I just acted as a pass through escrow for longsnowsm’s group buy last year…all I know

again contact longsnowsm on the forum there are also A2 help threads there too

good luck


Thanks! Will do. I actually have a bunch of boards I came into but I’m missing a control board.

Again, I know zip…but what I think I remember…on this…