Scammed out of 4 LTC on Telegram

Hello, any way to get back my LTC that I was fraudulently swindled out of trying to get into my Binance account. Thought I was chatting with them.

And I’ve called myself all the names so adding more will not hurt! I was desperate to regain access after a 2fa phone wipe issue.


The only way to get sent coins back is the receiver sending them back; so I’m afraid them are lost forever.

To avoid further 2fa wipe issues, I urge you to write down the 2fa initial key (not to confuse with 6 digit code) on paper, this way you’ll be able to reconfigure a new device with said key, and thus 2fa wipe won’t be an issue.

Ok, that’s what I thought. Thanks for the quick reply and helpful tips. Luckily I’m up over all still.

Thank you, Mike.

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No problem, mate.
Are you willing to share details about those scammers, so other folks can be safe next time?

Also, did you resolve the 2fa wipe issue?