Scam or not? what ya think

why is china calling it a scam

They are calling ICO’s scams…because they are scams

agreed.and correct me if im wrong. bitcoin was made by a chinese man?

nope white a guy in san fransisco…process of elimination lead to the founding developer (other than Gavin Anderson) being a guy who lived not too far from Dorian Sathoshi Nakamoto who used the name sathoshi nakamoto…He died of some rare disease…I forget his name as of right now but I will try and find it…apparently bitcoin is so unbelievably close to “gold coin” or something like that…at least that is what the newest movie “Banking on Bitcoin” tells us…I think that was the one

i have read now that a man named Craig Wright claimed he invented it and was arrested not long after claiming it. he is australian. clearly no proof since the arrest if he did or not.

yep…guarantee anyone who claims to be the original writer of the code will get “arrested”

bitcoin challenges the US dollar as well as any other local currency that is Central Bank derived

ask me…Charlie Lee and Vitalik Buterin have balls of steel

i do believe charlie lee and so on cant be arrested for creating alt coins. i dont see why the creator of bitcoin would be arrested either, yes it was used for illegal activities etc but its now on most stock exchanges etc so â– â– â– â–  people, get over it lol

Kennedy was shot for wanting to put the US back on the gold standard… Lincoln was shot for creating Green Backs and Andrew Jackson was shot for paying off the national Debt because by doing so it eliminated the money supply…

The Illuminati Don’t Play…

but I’m just another conspiracy theorist…what do i know…lol

i find it funny that the rothchilds who run the world (theory??) are now investing in cryptocurrency but the chinese say its all fake. the Illuminati can suck my balls. im taking over the world as of NOW

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maybe the Rothchild’s figure if they cant beat 'em…join 'em???

I really like that if a country needs money that it just needs to make a bond and sell it…so If I have some “property” especially “virtual property” I can bond that at a “secure rate of interest” in exchange for a dollar or other bank note of equal value and I am guaranteed to get that back and then some with in a year in the form of tax…
supply (bonding) and demand (taxing) creates a “current”…and with out it there is no “currency”…

I have a new theory that bitcoin and mineable cryptos are not currencies because there are set amounts to be mined…dollars never end and are printed every day to be loaned out…

i disagree, only because money is not printed when needed. it is controlled printed otherwise goverments would print heaps and heaps. if they did that, the dollar would be worthless. inflation!.. crypro is used by so many now and its worth its weight to a lot as its untraceable. crypto is the way of the future

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the dollar decreases in value by a rate of 2% per year…a loaf of bread in 1920 cost $0.10; now costs over a dollar…the bread isn’t worth more…its still bread…it just costs more dollars because the dollars are worth less…

the value of gas doesn’t go up and down…the value of the dollar does…gas prices reflect the value of the dollar by how many dollars trade for 1 gallon of gas not how many gallons for one dollar…

inflation happens daily