Same Wallet on Litecoin Core & LoafWallet

I have Litecoin Core v0.13.2.1 wallet on my Mac.
The wallet has a passphrase and contains coins!

Recently I installed Loafwallet on iOS and synced with the network. I was under the impression that if I supplied the same passphrase into Loafwallet and then rescaned the network then my current wallet (on Mac) would be regenerated showing the balance and transactions. But this doesn’t happen.

Why was I under this impression?
Because that’s what happens with my Bitcoin wallet using MultiBit HD on Mac and Breadwallet on iOS.

Q. Would like to know if I am doing something wrong or the assumption is wrong?


what is a “loafwallet”? your passphrase is specific to locking your keys held in the wallet…so if core is holding oyur keys then it requires a password that is different that\n any other wallet…so if you have the address in you core wallet newest version then you should not need a passphrase to see your balance…only to spend the coins…

Thanks for replying.

Loafwallet is a Litecoin wallet that runs on iOS like iPhone. You download it from the App Store.
It is a copy of the Bitcoin iOS wallet called Breadwallet.

With Bitcoin I have been able to get my wallet on two different devices using different wallet software.

Since Litecoin is based on Bitcoin I thought I’d be able to do the same. Seems like it’s not possible.


Litecoin is based on Bitcoin but it uses a scrypt (pronounced esscypt or 's’crypt) hashing algorithm and the core wallet I am pretty sure is written in java instead of c++ like bitcoin

you don’t need a passphrase to do anything but spend coins as far as core wallets go…which is the main software intended to be used by the lead developers…I personally wouldn’t use any wallet that is not listed on the main page or bitcoins page if its not there…your more than likely going to have issues with it


I’m a dev so I understand the technicals of Litecoin vs Bitcoin.

No one is really understanding my question. But that’s cool. I will approach the Litecoin developers for help.

Thanks again everyone.

MulibitHD != Core

Multibit HD probably supplied you with the passphrase. It correlates with deterministic private keys. You supplied the password to Core which used it to encrypt private keys. They are not the same.

Thanks shwack, that’s the confirmation I was looking for!