Safest way to keep LTC in a mobile wallet

I was looking for something like Trust/Metamask (easy to access via phone/web plus RECOVERY) but no ERC20/BEP20 since their liquidity is in doubt;

Don’t want to day-trade, but if we reach $10k tomorrow. In that case, I want to sell cash out easily through a CEX

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Metamask supports ERC20, and if you want BEP20, just add the binance network.
To cash out via a CEX you would need to transfer tokens to their platform first, which is no issue.
Why don’t you just hold them on a big CEX like Coinbase or Binance, etc? The argument that exchanges aren’t safe for storing coins is long outdated (unless it’s a small shifty one of course).

Erc20 and bep20 tokens are not LTC. Do not confuse these things.
If an exchange is requested for any reason to not give you your coins, then they will not give them to you. Because they are not your coins.

Using Litewallet on mobile for real LTC is simple and recommended.


what’s that saying: “not your keys, not your crypto”