Rewinding blocks

Hey There!

I just updated my litecoin core wallet. To do this I backed up my wallet, downloaded the correct version of litecoin core for my computer (mac OS X), and then installed the software. Usually when I open the litecoin wallet, the first screen that opens before the wallet says “Litecoin Core” with the version. After this, it switches to the wallet with all the features that you can do (Transfer, etc).

However, when I open the new version of the litecoin wallet, that first screen that pops up with the version and the litecoin logo has been hanging for several hours now. There is a message that says “Rewinding blocks” at the bottom. What does this mean? How long should it take to open? Did I do something wrong?

it should only take a few seconds to rewind the blocks so the chain can be verified by the block headers…the program is hanging up for some reason…are you sure you installed the right version? make sure if you have a 32 bit system you install the 32 bit version or 64 bit system…64 bit version

you may need to delete the application data located here: ~/Library/Application Support
and then restart core…if it works then
close litecoin and you can replace the wallet.dat file in the application support folder with your backup and rename it wallet.dat