Reversal option

Hi Guys,

Looking into litecoin integration with an EPOS application and reviewing the options.

In a fast retail environment, when the client is present, the supplier would seek to be paid instantly; however, it could take hours before receiving confirmation, excluding the lighting network.

However, the client may be a regular customer, and they already have an account with the supplier; if there is no payment confirmation, they can chase the client later on.

My concern is if there is a dispute or a mistake that the client needs to be refunded or the supplier to stop the transaction. It may be the case that at the till point, the cashier entered the wrong price, and the transaction is in the process of going through.

Is there ANY means for asupplier to void/cancel that transaction on their end to stop the transaction from be approved or IF approved for the transaction to be refunded (IF) there is enough in the suppliers wallet.

Even in the LIGHTNING NETWORK, the process can take seconds but may take longer if there is some kind of communication issue. So rather than allowing the client to exit with the purchased goods, they can cancel the transaction before approval or there may be a mistake with the price; as such, the transaction would need to be voided or cancelled by the supplier.

What are everyone elses thoughts?

Would be great to have some sort of reversal feature in place that can be initiated by the supplier or requested by the client but needs approved by the suppliers end. .



I think there will be escrow services in the future in OmniLite. The escrow can handle refunds, if needed.

Litecoin at layer 1 is too simple, it’s just coins that can be moved from point A to point B. This is enough for some applications, though.

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