Restoring LTC 20180112

Please - layman’s terms only in your reply!

I have recovered my litecoin file from a damaged HDD. The structure is thus:

]]rev00000n.dat … rev0000nn.dat (ie several lines of rev00000n.dat)]]>index
]]]000nn.sst (several lines)
]]000nn.sst (several lines)

These are on a memory stick, and in a file on desktop (Windows 10)

I have loaded Litecoin core onto C:

Before I run it, what do I need to do in order to get Litecoin core to point at my wallet contained on the desktop (and backed up on the memory stick)?
Do I set the Core to point at the default directory? or set it to look at the recovered copy?

Thanks in advance.

The most important file you need to restore your LTC is wallet.dat, but I can’t see that in your original post. Can you confirm you have it?

I can’t find it at the moment, but there again, can’t remember one ever being created.

Create yet another copy of your restored copy, on a disk that is not damaged.

Point your new wallet to that new directory on the not damaged disk, and report back what happens.

I pointed it at >>name>wallet.dat

but it says the wallet.dat file is too large.

Just checking, you mean to go to file:open url?

I meant to point Litecoin-qt on the initial setup to recovered folder.

Could you please provide screenshot of what are you doing?

Maybe you should explain to us first what happened and how you recovered that file?
It’s important, because if you didn’t do it right there’s no point in trying to continue if it started all wrong…